Cable & Wiring Assembly

Elite offer design, engineering assistance, prototyping and manufacture of customised cable looms / wire harnesses comprising of a wide variety of complexity, types and sizes of cables/wires, crimps, connectors and components.

Investments in automation combined with a 100% testing policy ensure consistency of processes and cost reduction. Production operatives are trained to IPC 620 and Elite is an authorised UL manufacturer.

Please contact us to discuss your assembly requirements in more detail and to receive a quotation.


• Wire harnesses
• Copper based assemblies
• Higher level electro-mechanical assemblies
• Discrete wire and flat ribbon cable assemblies
• Power cables
• Signal cables
• Point-to-point continuous run wire harnesses
• Custom D sub miniature cable assemblies
• Coaxial cable assemblies

• Fully automated wire marking / stripping / crimping / booting
• Ultrasonic splicing
• Braiding
• Semi-automatic cut and strip
• Crimp termination – Automatic and Manual
• Soldered Termination
• Heavy duty pneumatic crimping up to 240mm2
• Wire wrapping
• Insulation displacement connection
• Wide range of cable types, including low halogen, LUL, PFTE
• Military standard
• On site crimp tool certification